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Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR)

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Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR) is a non-profit foundation that rescues street dogs and cats in Bulgaria and finds loving homes for them. Many street animals are treated like vermin by the population and left to breed indiscriminately which in turn results in more puppies born to a life of danger and abuse. RSDR has adoption teams in the UK and the Netherlands that work tirelessly to find good homes for the animals saved. RSDR aim to renovate the shelter they purchased in 2010, so that they can start a sterilization scheme. It will also be used for dogs whose lives are inimminent danger, due to sickness or injury. It is unrealistic to think thatwe can get all the dogs and cats off the street, but this will reduce thenumber of animals who are born to this life of misery. These are notdangerous wild dogs or dogs that are a danger to livestock, many arefriendly dogs who are craving love and attention. It is heartbreaking tosee one of them go up to a person, wagging its tail and rolling over onlyto be kicked and spat on. For more information on how RSDR started and the persons involved, please go to our website at www.streetdogrescue.com Find out more

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